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Drink coffee, build dreams.

Ravenworks brings together elements from all walks of the custom car world. From classic American V8 engine swaps, sleek JDM tuners, to all out track brawler builds, Ravenworks takes care of everything.

Uniquely suited to take care of most processes in-house, we keep a firm hold on build quality, scheduling and budgeting.

Through our Associated Development Program, we grow alongside local businesses that have proven their quality time and time again, making them an easy choice when it comes to any external processes required.

Above all else, we strive to keep the passion that our customers feel for their builds, alive throughout the process.


Powder and Ceramic Coating.

From wheel refurbishment to subframes, exhaust systems to forced induction, we have the right coatings for the job.

All carried out in house, the custom touches and high quality standards mean your project gets the best the market has to offer.



Whether a light resto-mod, or an all out custom setup, every project requires some level of fabrication. Our in-house fabricators can help provide that level of custom that you just cant find from off the shelf products.



Restoration and modification, or RestoMod, is at the heart of what we do at Ravenworks. The classic looks of a 60s muscle car, with the handling characteristics of its more modern counterparts makes for a potent mix.

This formula of restore, replace and modernise, can be applied to any vehicle, so let your imagination run wild with what could be achieved.


Parts Ordering

Have your build spec in mind, but unsure on where/ how to get the parts you need? Let us take care of hassle of importing fees, tax and duty.

World wide importing opens up a multitude of possibilities for parts sourcing. 

From single parts, to full vehicles, get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

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